2 Chainz Dropped A Mixtape And Nobody Cared

About a month ago on my commute to work I was listening to the Rickey Smiley morning show and it just so happened that 2 Chainz was randomly giving an interview (or what I though was random) they talked about the typical artist radio interview shit, nothing like The Breakfast Club. But I digress, they premiered his new song "Watch Out" and of course as any song that's played on the radio it was all chopped up and bleeped out that I couldn't even enjoy it, he went on to say that he had a mixtape dropping. I was excited about the new tape dropping because I need something new from his EP, FREEBASE, that he dropped around this time last year. I went to soundcloud and listened to Watch Out once more and was pleasantly surprised by the chillness of the beat but the amount of which it cranked. A few weeks later I got a notification from my soundcloud app that 2 Chainz had posted new songs, but when I went to look they were gone so I guess he wasn't ready for the tape to drop. I went on about my business and never gave it a thought until I finally got on soundcloud from the web and could see everything that I had really missed from the weeks that my Macbook was out of commission due to a failed hard drive. I finally listened to the new tape.

I was thouroughly unimpressed, it wasn't on the same level as FREEBASE. I wondered if that was the feeling of most of his fan base since his mixtape TRU Jack City didn't get much buzz since it dropped 7 months ago. I now wonder if 2 Chainz has lost his buzz? He's been on a couple of features this year but nothing that really stands out.. Is he chilling? What happened?