Artist Feature: Jonathan Middlebrooks

Not too many upcoming male artists can say they are musically gifted in vocals and instruments. Some cannot even read a note or a sheet of music, not even recognize a classical score. It is also rather different to hear of a young upcoming R&B male artist; it’s the era of the rappers I presume. August Alsina-esk with his own DMV vibe, the talented, Jon Middlebrooks. The young 21 year old is thriving in his art. He has done many showcases of his very own songs, written and produced by himself. He dabbles in many realms of music. Jon has written and covered songs playing his saxophone (Jonathan Middlebrooks on youtube, if you want to listen). He can also play the piano, and the drums. Ladies, his charming “loverboy” personality will whoo you when you hear his smooth, genuine, voice. He has a little something for the males too, to bob ya head to. He has that hip-hop twang to his music that’s for everybody. While talking to Jon, he let me into his personal views on music as well as his own. 

When did you start making music?

“I started officially songwriting in 2013.  I use to write poems and hooks in high school but it was just something I did for fun or to impress my female interest at the time [lol]. Been playing the saxophone since 2nd grade (given as a Christmas gift) but didn’t get into creating my own music on the instrument till about 2010.”

Why did you start making music?

“I have always been passionate about music since I was young and it has always been apart of my life. I started making music because after a lot of reflection and soul searching I felt like this was God’s plan for me. All events and experiences in my life have brought me to where I am now as the musician and insightful songwriting I feel I am.”

Who do you look up to in the industry? Why?

I look up to songwriter and singer James Fauntleroy because he has wrote for a wide variety of artist, and none of his songs are in any shape alike. So many styles, harmonies, and his lyrics are dope. He captures so many emotions with his songs, which I feel is the true essence of music. I am very big on lyrics and a song having substance.

What influences you music? What makes you different?

“My life experiences and me being a very observant person is what influences my music. I use a lot of my past experiences and things I have just observed in my 20 years of living to relate to people when making a song, whether I am trying to create a perspective song or one solely to make someone feel a certain way. I want to create real music that people can truly feel and I think that’s what makes me different.”

What are you trying to do in the industry?

“I want to establish myself in the industry as a songwriter, musician, and artist. I want to write for a wide variety of artist and not just one genre. I also want to perform on tour in a live band (i.e. Bruno Mars band). I also want to produce artist, help them find their lane, their sound, and the best way to promote themselves.” 

What do you want to be known for/as?

“I want to be known for taking a song to the next level. Whether that is from me singing on track, playing the sax on a track, or writing the lyrics and developing a concept for a song. I want to be known for making great songs.”

What is your perspective on the current state of the industry?

“the music industry is popping right now. A lot of good artist in all genres but in the same breathe the music industry is suffering in a sense. The substance of what songs talk about are declining rapidly.”

What are you currently working on? (ex: upcoming mixtape, EP, music video etc)

 “I am working on my personal EP “The Polymath” which will be all original songs that I wrote. I want people to learn me as a person and artist through this EP. I am also working on a EP with all the artist of TMF(Lakeview Drive, Toon Troop, Gabrielle Victoria) over the summer. No set date yet but the ball is rolling on both projects. I am also writing a few songs for other artist.”

Where can I find your music? (reverbnation, soundcloud, YouTube, etc.)

 “on youtube you can type in Jonathan middlebrooks and find my music videos and on soundcloud type in ‘jonathanmiddlebrooks0’”