Drake 0-100/Catch Up

Drake has dropped another track, as he’s been doing lately, and this song has been getting a lot of buzz. 0-100/Catch Up is the title of the track and it features something that Drake has become fond of: switching the beat up mid-song. Back in the day I wasn’t a huge fan of this, but lately its been used in a lot of music and I’ve grown to like the sudden beat changes. Either way Drake spit some cool bars on the first beat, but I always felt Drake excelled in telling his story and flowing over smooth, laid-back, R&B-feel sampled beats. No different here, I love the “Catch Up” part of the track. I really think you can feel the verses and get the meaning of what he’s saying. No word on if Drake is dropping a official project soon, but check out the song here and tell TYFNS what you think.