Top 5 Rappers Poised to Have a Big 2014

2014 is a month and a few days into the books and its already turning out to be a huge year for hip hop music.  But no worries the music experts at TYFNS had compiled a list of the top 5 rappers to look out for in 2014.  Now this list isn’t a “Top 5 Rappers” list or a personal list of who we think is the best list, artist that are on this list are people who we think will be relevant potentially with solo projects, features, influences inside and outside the hip hop world, or just apart of a overall group that might be set to blow this year.  With that being said lets get into the countdown.

5. Schoolboy Q
Our #5 pick may be a shocker but consider this, Q has a solo project ready to drop this month which has been receiving heavy buzz since the summer.  He already has a solid foundation of good releases and a strong fan base to back him.  TDE as group is set to have a big year, I’d expect to see Q featured on other TDE artist songs all year long, this too will play into Q’s overall buzz.  Q’s is on tour now building up even more momentum and lets face it everyone can vide with a Schoolboy track.  Expect whatever songs are on Q’s album to be played at your friend’s cookout this summer while everyone is in bucket hats and tie dye tees.

4. Future
Whatever hook this man touches is a hit and whatever song he makes shoots immediately to the top.  Future has a new album releasing in 2014 entitled “Honest”, but lets be real album or no album as long as people are still putting Future on the hooks he’s going to have many hits under his belt.  There is one glaring problem with Future though; some of our staff at TYFNS believes he’s a bit of a trend rapper.  He’s had a huge 2013 but will it last?  Only the Future holds the answer.

3. Rick Ross
ROZAY!!!!! With Mastermind up next and MMG buzzing after the signing of Fat Trel and the Shit remix we think this will be a big year for Ross.  Even without his solo project Ross has so much influence now in the game with MMG being a top squad in hip hop.  If anyone in MMG has even an above average year then it promises to be a nice year for Ross.  But we don’t expect Ross to sit and wait on others in his squad to get, watch him go out and take the game back to Miami like he has in years before.

2. Drake
Drizzy is arguably all around the best in the game today.  What’s the last complete trash Drake song you heard? I’ll wait….  Exactly, and right now Drake may just be in his prime, we could be living through future rap history.  Now Drake has no official upcoming release but we know Drake and when the fall rolls around “there’s albums to drop”.  I guess right in time for cuffing season too.  Even without a release if he continues to drop music like “We made it” and “Trophies”, and bodies remix verses like he did on “Shit”, we all will continue to listen.  Outside of rap Drake is moving into the fashion world signing a deal with Jordan.  Drake also is moving into the NBA becoming part owner of the Raptors. Drizzy seems like he’s trying to leave his influence all over 2k14.

1. Kendrick Lamar
Macklemore can’t steal this one from you Kendrick.  And please to all Drake loyalist we aren’t picking a side in the “Who’s better Kendrick or Drake” war.  The experts at TYFNS believe 2014 will be and in some ways, has to be a huge year for Lamar.  Why do we think 2014 will be big for Kendrick?  Well we are predicting TDE as a crew to have a lot of projects dropping, so expect a lot of K Dot features.  Also expect a lot of K Dot features in general.  After the Grammy snub, Control verse, and BET cypher (I hope people didn’t forget that) Kendrick has to prove himself and he’ll plenty of opportunities to do it.  Why do we think Kendrick has to have a big year?  Well the clear-cut reason is he needs to drop a new project to defend his spot as being arguably the best in the game.  The biggest criticism for Kendrick at this moment is his last solo release was in 2012 (granted it was at the end of 2012).  2 years is a long time in music, even though Kendrick just dropped a few new tracks he needs a complete project along with the fiery features and award show freestyles.  We believe Kendrick knows this too and will be delivering us with new works soon.  Outside of music who knows what the future holds, maybe his no designer trend will really catch on.  But even if it’s just off the strength of his music expect a big year from Compton’s finest.

Bonus- Kanye West 

What’s a year in hip hop without Mr. West.  Now he isn’t on or top 5 list mainly because Ye usually drops a album once every 2 years roughly, and Yeezus just dropped so we aren’t expecting any solo’s soon.  Also we don’t know of any major GOOD music releases as of now, but we still have faith in Yeezy.  He’ll probably produce on at least one major album this year, or feature on a huge track.  Also he will impact the world of fashion with his new Adidas Yeezy’s and his clothing line, whether you like it or not.  Kim and Kanye will be in the news (I'm betting my life savings on that) and I wouldn’t be surprised if we get another rant or two, or six.  Kanye will set trends, hurt feelings, or find another ways to be big in 2014 so we expecting him to have a big year.