Who is Gleesh?

Yung Gleesh is a D.C. native rapper who recently has been gaining major buzz on the rap and internet scenes. As a frequent collaborator with Fat Trel and the Slutty Boyz, GBE/GloGang, and Bricksquad 1017 artists his music and unique slang has begun to make its mark on the industry. With standout hits like "Skrong" and "Please", and the internet-crowd favorite "Sad Boi" collaboration with Swedish artist Yung Lean, Yung Gleesh has made clear that he's looking to be a big player in the rap game. He has released numerous mixtapes full of quality music related to drugs, the streets, and just life. He also dropped an album "Ain't Shit Changed" in 2013 which you can find here on iTunes Unique to his music are numerous drug and slang terms that he has made popular such as "boof", "water", "gleetchie", "geetchie", "shitbag", "ewww", "utt", "dew I", and many more. His unique style and entertaining slang capture your attention and keep you listening. With his latest release "Water", which you can check out below, Yung Gleesh has once again captured the attention of the internet and rap crowd. He is currently on his "Building Tolerance with Baby Boof Tour" having performed shows in NYC and LA and with upcoming shows at Trapped in the Whop 3 in DC and the SXSW festival. Get yourself Geetchie and check out Yung Gleesh's music below with videos and download links for all of his released projects. And definitely peep the live performances of "Water" and "Please" as well. You won't be disappointed.

Put Together (2011)

12/21/11 Tape (2011)

Cleanside’s Finest (2012)

Cleanside’s Finest Pt. 2: Raw & Uncut (2012)

2Tall vs. Dolan Beats: Battle of the Bands (2012)

1-8 Zone Shawty (2013)

Ain’t Shit Changed (2013)

Your Favorite Rapper’s Favorite Rapper (2013)