20Tues Part 4

TYFNS brings you the last installment of the 20Tues series.  KO ends the saga with his widely anticipated track "OverThink".  KO admits the song is something out of the norm for the Riverdale artist, it has gotten heavy praise and criticism for particular references.  KO focuses on a topic that isn't new to the ears of Hip-Hop fans; the change that seems to happen in the life of artist's once exposure is gained.  This isn't a new topic by any means, all artist seem to have songs describing this feeling.  Usually they are one of the deepest records written by that artist, and this song proved to be no different in my opinion.  I found the track to be rather smooth, reliable, relaxing, and easy to listen too.  OverThink was an appropriate title relevant to the lyrics in my opinion.  We all overthink experiences life brings our way, right?  Judge for yourself and be sure to tell TYFNS what you think of the song and all the 20Tues features in the comments.