3am - James Artimus ft. Tylisha Haskins


Riding on the coattails of a modest yet relatively successful promotional campaign (complete with hallucinogenic kickback and a few Pokemon sprites), DMV-based art collective, leanblunt, has recently adorned their sparsely populated Soundcloud with a single from rapper/producer James Artimus.

Wheelchaircat provides an interesting soundscape for the PG emcee and feature Tylisha Haskins. It's essentially elevator music. You know, if the elevator was nestled between Hyrule Temple and Rainbow Road...and an Odd Future cypher.   

Tylisha Haskins and James Artimus (formerly Jay Artifact for you OSP fans) trade stream-of-conscious, THC-induced introspectives in 3am. Seemingly more meticulous than his local contemporaries in regards to lyrical craftsmanship, James Artimus tackling  quintessential "rapper" subject matter with a slew of cerebral pop culture references and a relentless rhyme scheme. 

Tylisha Haskins is by no means overshadowed, serving a much appreciated respite after James' polysyllabic onslaught. Face-ass literary jargon aside, Haskins is the Mike G. to Artimus' Earl Sweatshirt, in this case. Their flows are different but it's evident their interests and aesthetic preferences are as similar as they're so complimentary. 

No, I don't know what the hook means either, but it involves Bill Clinton and a Bob's Burgers reference...so just rock with it. "3am" provides a solid introduction to leanblunt's sound leaving DMV audiophiles with something to look forward to.

Shout out to TYFNS Creative Director, Merima, for providing the artwork.