Kliftxn - 40OZ [THE ALBUM] (REVIEW)

I love it when I take a chance on following someone on a social network and they come out the cut  and end up being more talented than I thought.

Hampton native, Kliftxn brings us a project titled, 40OZ [THE ALBUM]. I went through the entire project three times with plenty of repeats on a handful of songs, like Any Day Now, Drive Slow, Homie 2Groove and Do You/WSTCOAST. Main reason why I probably fuck with this project the most is due to all the short dialogues placed discretely throughout it. I don't want to listen to some shit I can't relate to unless it absolutely cranks. This project brings a very nostalgic feeling from the experiences Kliftxn speaks on, paired with the commendable production. Only bad thing I could possibly say about it is that the flow could use some work, but no one extremely young will have mastered how to spit a perfect flow so it's something I can let easily slide.

Chances are, you're going to fuck with at least one of these songs, probably the whole album. Kliftxn was nice enough to leave a download link on the SC playlist so go cop.

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Rating: 7/10