DMV Rapper Ziplock Domo is Making Noise

The power of Twitter never ceases to amaze me. Creating those 30 second videos was a great idea, whoever came up with that idea deserves multiple raises. Admittedly, I do sometimes hate them when they are those corny comedy videos but that's not the point here. Ziplock Domo is the point.

I saw a 30 second video Ziplock Domo's "Jumpman" and one word was in my mind from the beginning to the end and that word was "crank". This provoked me to find the full song and again I found myself interested again. Ziplock's road didn't end here, I would come to discover that he has several mixtapes. This "Jumpman" track is on his "Silence is Golden" mixtape.  So far, I have only been able to listen to the one mentioned but due to my liking of it the others will be in rotation soon as well. 

Ziplock Domo has a trap-rap sound. I have mentioned my weariness of this sound numerous times but Ziplock adds his own flavor to it. I particularly enjoy his raspy delivery. It fits his aggressive lyrics. Listening to him makes me visualize him in combat, combatting other DMV rapper perhaps. Ziplock Domo is an interesting rapper that I can see staying in my rotational play for sometime. 

Check out his track "Jumpman" above as well as his links below. 

Twitter: @RealZiplockDomo

Spinrilla: Ziplock Domo 

Soundcloud: @ZiplockDomo