A Look at The Real Lil B


Lil B has no awards to speak of, no TV appearances or high selling albums. He is however Internet famous, having over 60 million total YouTube videos and over one million twitter followers. So the question that people who aren’t unfamiliar with “The BasedGod” ask is; why is this guy relevant? (Kevin Durant regrets asking this) The answer is simple; Lil B is his own person.


Lil B has made a career on making music unlike anyone else. The BasedGod’s infamous cooking dance is what most knows him for, a parody of the numerous drug references in rap nowadays. Some consider many of his popular songs like “Paris Hilton”, “Katy Perry”, and “Bill Bellamy” stupid and pointless. When asked about it in an interview with Vice in 2011 Lil B explained, “It’s some celebrities that I just think are just funny.”  I’d suggest not taking Lil B too seriously if you ever listen to any of those eccentric songs. When gauging the more serious side of Lil B, his most recent album titled “I’m Gay” was reviewed by Pitchfork as “especially compelling.” I’d highly recommend listening to songs such as “I Hate Myself”, “The Wilderness”, and “Unchain Me” to get a better understanding of the lesser-seen side of Lil B.


Lil B claims he has made over two thousand songs already in his career. The first song that most will see first is his infamous song, “Wonton Soup” with over 12 millions views. The song has Lil B’s most recognizable lyrics “First I park my car, then I fuck your bitch.” However, this is not the type of rapper or person Lil B is. Last year Lil B was asked to do a lecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and opened with "If I could get a water on stage, because this will be intense and I will be speaking from the heart." That statement fully embodies who Lil B is as a person and artist, 100% real.