First i wanna thank DJ Marauder for this playlist. Last week was an amazing week of music thanks to After F's 7 newest singles and I'm sure we can all agree just by looking at the numbers. Combined all 7 tracks have a play count of over 20,000 in one week! AfterF week was so successful that the team decided to join in on the fun and record our podcast at the Klanquarters and have Sir EU and Cal Rips explain to us what AfterF meant. The track '7th Letter'  with Miles Meraki, Cal Rips, and King RoseĀ“they pretty much explain that AfterF is basically "keep it real that's the lifestyle not a choice or decision" (i hope i got that right) and I feel that 100%. Not only did we get some great from the AfterF collective but DJ OHSO gave us a chopped and screwed version of Matt McGhee's Jour De Plue from his 1920 album. We received great production from Clayt Da Great and Johnny John

Listen to the tracks above and let us know what you think.