Album Review: D.R.A.M.- #1epicsummer


The fall of 2014 has been an eventful one for any music fan. With quality singles, videos, and projects coming from promising and prolific players in the game today. One of these quintessential moments from this fall comes from a new face. D.R.A.M. (Does Real Ass Music) hails from Hampton, Virginia and has churned out a project that you could blast on the way to a function, or have in the background of your morning after a wild night. Organic, hazy, and cohesive, D.R.A.M. gives us a truly unique and original tape from an area that doesn't get much spotlight. 

From the beginnings that showcase the infectious "Cha Cha", to the regretful wails of "Never Again", every song leaves you with a hook stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Considering that this is D.R.A.M.'s first major foray into the game, he shows amazing poise on every single song. That level of comfort that's shown only lets the experience that is this tape be incredibly immersive. From that point, you just have some of the most entertaining, personal, and relatable lyrics from any artist this year. On top of all of that you've got vocals that  are odd but simultaneously fantastic like on "Just One".  

At the end of the day there's not enough adjectives to describe D.R.A.M.'s #1epicsummer, its a genuine offering that deserves multiple listens. The only honest complaint I have with this tape is that it wasn't out to make my summer that much better. But after listening, D.R.A.M. must've had a hell of a summer because this is a hell of a tape. The sky is the limit...