Artist Feature: Lightshow

Lightshow recently dropped his new project The Way I See It, but he's still working. In the middle of the week he surprised with a new song every night for 3 days straight. You can check out the new tracks above. TYFNS also got a chance to meet up with Lightshow back in January. You can watch a portion of the conversation we got to have with him here.

I have to admit, like many others the first time I heard Lightshow was at the end of 2012 on Wale's "Georgetown Press". His energetic voice and delivery stood out, but I wasn't sold on him. After the release of Get Well Soon, I went and downloaded it as well as Life Sentence and though solid, I wasn't feeling them like others were. I saw him hold his own freestyling with Lil Snupe, loved his appearance on "Cash" with the Slutty Boyz and Chief Keef, and thought the Life Sentence video was good when I saw it featured in Complex, but I still hadn't been made a fan.

I had basically fallen asleep on Lightshow, until I was listening to the official Trillectro mixtape wondering who the artist of "All The Money" was. When I checked the tracklist I was surprised to see Lightshow's name, but also glad that he had made a hit that I really rocked with. Even though Lightshow performed pretty early in the day at Trillectro, I walked in right on the All The Money performance. I later followed 86 America on SoundCloud and saw Lightshow dropping good freestyles over every popular song that came out the rest of 2014. When I did listen to "The Way I See It" and heard tracks like "Pound > Pleas" and "Who I Lean On", I was glad to see that Lightshow had worked on his craft and improved. Among the rising DC rap scene Lightshow holds his own, and will definitely start to blow even more if he keeps working like he does. When we got to meet Lightshow, who he was backed up everything he raps about. He's real and about working, hustling, and improving in whatever he does. Meeting him and seeing how down to earth he was, even with his rising popularity, made me even more of a fan. I'm looking forward to see how much more he'll grow and perfect his music in the future.

In the meantime be sure to download The Way I See It, watch The Interrogation Room with Lightshow, and buy a ticket to his upcoming show at the Blind Whino in Southwest DC this Saturday. You'll definitely see a bunch of DC's finest in attendance and this is the first 86 show, don't miss it.