Artist of the Week - Artshow OGK

Since this is the first of many I will let you guys know about how it works. Basically I want readers to get to know the artist before they listen to their music, or while they listen to their music. When you know an artist personally you're more inclined to mess with their music and I promise you that you won't be disappointed in the artists that we select for Artist of the Week.


OGK, aka Artshow OGK is a member of 30Whop and has been selected as the first TYFNS Artist of the Week. Follow the guy on twitter. He's also a great visual artist so hit him up for any art inquiries (

First things first, What is 30Whop?

3-0Whop is a creative movement coming out of the DMV area , specifically 301 MD. 3-0Whop is a creative culture and lifestyle that has developed in that area over time. Lastly, 3-0Whop is an example of the message to pursue whatever talents you possess freely, chase dreams at all cost, Find your own positive outlet and create something in the world. 

1. One of your most memoriable times onstage?

I gotta say one of my most memorable times on stage was at Trapped In The Whop 3 during my bro Rezt's set. We were mobbin the stage and a overhead blacklight fell on the stage. Shit was too hectic lls

2. What foods are you addicted to? 

Tacos my nigga...I fucks with chicken and steak tacos too heavy. Shouts to Sylvesters. 

3. Where would you like to live?

Hawaii seems like it would be a dope place to live. Beaches, sun, waves, palm trees out the utt? That sound like the move!

4. What is something you wish everyone had?

I wish everyone had their own creative/positive outlet they could utilize whenever they please. Dreams die everyday due to lack of outlets. 

5. Do you know what a stink bug is? Do they irritate you?

Fuck Yea! I hate them jawns bruh. The show up everywhere and get to boofin if you kill them. 

6. If you died tommorrow, what would you tell your fans, friends and family? 

Remember our good times, keep my art alive, and if its being sold you better tax em for it.

7. How do you feel about police?

I Dont. 

8. Your favorite musical memory?

The day i successfully wrote and recorded my first song in my homie Judo's home studio setup. I was proud as shit of that wild ass track lls. That stamped my wanting to make music tho. 

9. What is your favorite tv show?

I dont watch tv unless its Regular Show. I used to watch the Captain and Casey Show until fuelTV sold out on some fluke shit. 

10.   Do you believe in God, Heaven, Hell, Satan, Pergatory, Limb....etc?

Yea i believe in God. He brought me this far in life. 

Real Shit. Just Do You.

isten to the tracks.