Baauer - Promises (feat. Fetty Wap & Dubbel Dutch)

Fetty Wap's infectious, sing-songy hits have been in everyone's playlists since Trap Queen blew up at the end of last year. Curious listeners have scoured through his SoundCloud (as I did) and uncovered a few bangers, but we've also been treated with new music from him in the midst of his newfound success. Two of his new tracks, "My Way" and "RGF Island", have turned out to be some of his best work yet, each garnering millions of plays on SoundCloud in a few months.

The newest work we've heard from the New Jersey artist is gifted with production from Baauer and Dubbel Dutch, giving the track an airy, electronic feel that Fetty Wap seems to flow effortlessly on. They linked up as a part of Yours Truly and adidas' Songs From Scratch series, and you can take a glimpse at their creative process here. The song has a pretty uplifting tone, seeming to adopt it's namesake line and subject matter from his 2014 song "Make It".

It's been pleasing to see that Fetty is definitely not a one-hit wonder, and hopefully the trend of solid drops from him continues. Definitely check out "Promises" above.