BetSheWillz Back At It Again With Yet Another 2016 Project

If you grew up around Charles Herbert Flowers High School circa 2010-2014, you may have run into a gang of stylish black teenagers dancing outside the parking lot.

Former dancer and X Kid, Willy Taylor aka BetSheWillz aka Willz is slowly proving himself a virtual sweatshop of music, a GarageBand junkie with a penchant for lacing auto-tuned vocals between standard trap-influenced flows. Willz is no new kid on the block. With projects dating back way before the days of Soundcloud underground stardom, Willz and his collective #HipSociety (or #So) have been hard at work tuning their sounds, occasionally coming up for air to drop collaborative mixtapes. 

BetSheWillz has a ways to go in the increasingly hectic landscape that comprises DMV Hip Hop, but 2016 signals an increased visibility for the Woodview native. It's only the beginning of May and Willz has dropped his third project this year. And, by project, I don't mean the usual 3-4 track EPs. Neverland, as well as previous projects BLACKOUT 3: Extalia and self-titled BETSHEWILLZ, are ten tracks...each.

Any successful artist can attest to the value of consistency. Willz is proving himself a prolific contender for our attention with new project titled Neverland. Apart from the cover art, I particularly dig his "Dancehall Wine/One Dance" cover, as well as "RIP//Adjustments" a gripping ode featuring the late Aaron "AG" Marshall who passed only a month ago.

Give Neverland a listen and tell us what you think in the comments.