Better Late Than Never: Eric David's "3509 Glimpse EP"

Eric David smoothly blends his Nicaraguan culture with his experiences in Maryland to create one of the best projects from the DMV since Goldlink's The God Complex.

Many people would likely use the term soulful to describe Eric David's debut project 3509 Glimpse EPIn my opinion, it is not one word that best describes the atmosphere of this project, but rather an age; 20

Throughout this project, Eric charmingly expresses the struggles of supporting oneself during the transition between childhood and becoming a young adult, the difficulty of witnessing ignorance among a selective group of people within his culture, and even the challenge of remaining true to his character in times of misdirection. 

The project opens with Soul - a spiritual track that directs listeners to empathize with Eric as he embraces dropping out of college against his parents will and giving in to peer pressure in hopes of discovering creativity

The following song 8.50 creates a beautiful juxtaposition against itself. As listeners indulge into the feel-good vibe of this track, they discover the contrary meaning behind the song. In his testimony of minimum wage, Eric states "You would have to meet me there, maybe even pay half. Cause see I gotta pay six bucks from where I stay at," as he is speaks to the woman of his romantic interest. As he continues his portrayal of a low-income lifestyle, he later addresses stealing from local stores and the smoking sessions that would follow. Another highlight of this track is when Eric alludes to his disliking of a selective group of Hispanic people succumbing to the ignorance of using the phrase "my nigga", which he tells us is worth another song entirely. 

I would love to go into further depth about the melodic Caterpillars, the soothing and comforting Live Good, Be Good, and the ever-so uplifting and cultural bonus track Rising, which ends the project, but I'd much rather leave room for your judgement. 

Earlier in this article, I stated age 20 best describes this project. 3509 not only gives us a glimpse (sorry, I couldn't help myself) into the life of Eric David, but it gives us an understanding of the typical 20 year old, as he/she looks for his/her purpose in the world. For those in their early twenties, this EP will feel like a testament of your current life situation (like when you go to church that one time out of the year and it feels like the pastor is talking directly to you), as well as give you reassurance that we are all alike. For those whose twenties have passed them, this EP will make you feel reminiscent of the time period that has made you the person you are today. To those whose twenties have yet to come, take the knowledge this project carries along, and utilize it to help prepare yourself for times to come. Thank you Eric.

What did you think about 3509 Glimpse EP?