Attention: All Eyes on Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap is the most successful 2015 XXL Freshman and it will probably stay that way. 

The 25 year old rapper has been buzzing ever since the drop of his most notable single "Trap Queen" released last year in April. A single he dropped independently I might add. At the time of it's release, there were skeptics claiming he will be no more than a one hit wonder. Oh were they wrong.

Fetty Wap has become the only rapper in history to concurrently chart his first four singles in the top 10 of hot rap songs. Presently, "Again" has fallen to number 15, he still has "679", "Trap Queen", and "My Way" at number 4,5, and 6. The man is grinding, and you cannot deny that. He began rapping in 2012 and only three years down the road has become one of the biggest artist at the moment. I find myself becoming a fan of his, though I am not to sure about his hairstyle choices. 

The rap-singing has always appealed to me. This probably derives from my love for the great "Bone Thugs n Harmony" group, though Fetty's rhymes are severely different. Backed up by his group Remy Boyz the rapper has created all of his buzz through singles, mixtapes, and features.  The only thing missing is an album, and what a great time it would be to drop one. In fact, his debut album releases on September 25th. He's the local rappers dream; quick success, chart topping singles, and doing it all with the homies you started out with.

He has been doing everything right thus far. He has released a hit single and followed up with multiple hit singles to keep the buzz. A recipe that sounds simple but many other rappers have not done it, rather they have done it how Fetty Wap has done it. Yes, you can argue that nearly all of his songs sound identical, in fact most do. But he has mastered his style and the people love it. 2015 has been a big year for the this artist, and I only see it being even bigger. 

What do you think? Will Fetty Wap's hot streak continue?