Chris Brown & Tyga - Fan of a Fan: The Album (Review)

The newest collaboration album by Chris Brown and Tyga had to be one of the best things by Chris Brown this year. On this album, we finally get to see his abilities in terms of diverse features, vocals, and rap styles. On the other hand, Tyga was for the most part, a disappointment. I could do without him on many songs, seeing as how he seems as if he is a feature on someone else’s song for almost every single song. Chris definitely showed himself on this album, and personally, I prefer this album over his last solo album, X. Tyga had one or two few songs where he was the heavy hitter, including D.G.I.F.U (ft. Push T) but then, he was overshadowed by the actual feature on that song.

My favorite songs would have to be Westside and Ayo, because they are reminiscent of summer songs, necessary to be played with the top down or at a party. All in all I would have preferred them wait to release this album because it is most definitely a summer album. The songs on this album are constant party and sex songs, which fits the perfect vibe of the summer. I love the artist they chose to have on the album including Fat Trel, Lil Boosie, Schoolboy Q, 50 Cent and Ty Dolla $ign. Although, I would have loved for them to feature a woman on the album, Chris’s high notes could suffice. 


A very good listen. Well Chris was.