Conscious Rap Vs. Trap: Boring or Intellectually Stimulating?

In recent times, media responses have shown a distaste for conscious rap artists who have opted out of discussing “whippin and flippin' the yam.” Referring to these artists–such as Joey Bada$$ or Kendrick Lamar–as dull or untalented, while in the same breath praising the lyrical skills, or lack thereof, of artists like Migos and Bobby Shmurda. War on intellect perhaps?

It seems society has an incredibly hard time giving accolades to one thing without condemning another. Why can’t the public appreciate both conscious rap & trap rap? How does an extensive vocabulary and an effective use of double entendres deem one as “boring”? Criticizing vernacular and an understanding of social issues then idolizing the inability to articulate and idolizing materialistic lifestyles is not only backwards but toxic.

We get it, Migos gets the trap house jumpin’ like Jordan, but like Kanye said, we’ve got to learn to “respect [musical] artistry” in each of the respective genres. It’s perfectly okay to enjoy both, but know the difference. In regards to music as a whole, there’s a time and place for everything, an ambiance and environment appropriate for each genre, you don’t have to pick just one!