CowboyHipHop Teams Up With Ca$h Villain For An Electric Debut In "Magnet"

Back in the day I just wanted to be with the cool kids/

Back in the day I just wanted a kiss from a cool b***h.

If you're craving something new, CowboyHipHop is a breath of fresh air in a musical environment heavily saturated with Atlanta-inspired vocal inclinations. Ironic, as his partner in this particular crime is Georgia transplant, Ca$h Villain. Sources reveal the two artists met recently in Hampton, Virginia, and have confirmed future collaborations are in the works. 

In "Magnet", Ca$h and the Cowboy trade braggadocious musings centered around...well, being the shit. Hip hop is not the place for humility. What is particularly interesting is that they are each rapping from the perspective of previously uncool kids, appreciating the glow and the women they perceive to come with it. I can relate (though I am waiting for said glow) and am sure fellow listeners will appreciate CowboyHipHop's ecclectic flow on his self-produced lyrical debut. 

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