Crashprez Pops Off On Imperialism In ILLEGAL

Love your people.

Fuck that evil. 

No one breathing is illegal.

I'm almost appalled today's track hasn't been in my ear sooner. PG-raised, Wisconsin-based writer and emcee, Crashprez, heats up the election season with a well-timed rebuttal to the nonsense pervading our public discourse.

Armed with producer drew__'s electric yet nostalgic canvas and a healthy smattering of vocals provided by Patrice Rushie, Crashprez has assembled all the Dragon Balls for a high-energy, low-fucks soundtrack to the revolution.

He may be stationed in Midwest, but we at TYFNS stamp the D[M]V artist, whose kinetic flow and intelligent lyrics reach farther than any metro line and into the hearts of a people starved for a reason to keep marching, fists held high.

As always, give it a listen and tell us how you feel in the comments.