CyHi The Prince - Weak People

I was riding through Baltimore last week amidst the recent convictions of 6 officers in the murder of Freddie Gray when one of my boy's put on a song that made me think. The song begins with an excerpt from Rev. James David Manning who famously said "you niggas are crazy" while preaching and in the excerpt the reverend says "I would rather die, death is welcomed, rather than to call myself you spineless black men." At first, I thought (and still do think) this man is crazy but I continued to listen because every song that starts with an excerpt like that is fire. 

Immediately following CyHi states "This is for my brother Kendrick Lamar" The song is a lot like Kendrick's "The Blacker The Berry." It is a direct shot at young black men that brings to the forefront some of the internal issues facing the black community today such as black on black crime, and the lack of accountability we place on the killers in our own communities.

"My partner shot 100 niggas it was never proven, we just labeled him a gangsta and kept it moving". Why is it not only acceptable, but glorified to be a "shooter" in our own communities? I don't know. I think it's a bigger problem when those who are hired to "protect and serve" murder people without punishment, but that doesn't change the fact that the murder of black people are at the hands of those in their own communities is a problem. I know this is a sensitive subject to many with many differing opinions and that's why I feel like this song is powerful and is worth a listen.