D. Bolt - 4 My Bro Kemm

D. Bolt, a newcomer hailing from the great state of Maryland, dropped a new EP entitled "4 My Bro Kemm". The 4 song EP was a fresh pleasant surprise among all the music I listen to daily. The jazzed up intro, "Dutch Masters", really caught my attention and I ended up sticking through the rest of the project. The EP is rather short in actual song length and length overall, it almost felt like an interlude at times, which was odd considering it was so short to begin with. Lyrical it wasn't anything that was going to blow listeners away, however the EP had good feel to it.  D. Bolt has good vocal presence on the mic, and beat/production wise the EP was crafted together nicely. There's always room for improvement here and there but, if given a chance, listeners will most likely walk away satisfied.  You can listen to D. Bolt's "4 My Bro Kemm" here.