D-Trill - Paul Pierce

As summer is seemingly around he corner, artists are gearing up to drop their hottest music during this golden time of year. Everyone is back from school discussing the new array of music they discovered or friends put them on to away at school. People at cookouts, or out on the town blasting a variety of new music in their cars, all windows down. D-Trill hopes to capitalize utilizing this perfect timing by dropping his newly produced beat, named after Wizards forward and NBA great, Paul Pierce. Hot fresh beats are always needed and welcomed. Whoever jumps on this has big shoes to fill based on the named alone, and Pierce's most recent heroics only add to that. Listen to the beat yourself and tell us what artist(s) you'd think best elevate it to live up to the same status as the man dubbed "The Truth". Listen to the rest of D-Trill's work here.