So, What's the Next Step for Music in the DMV?

Where does music in the DMV go from here in 2016? Well, 2015 was a strong year for more local acts getting off the ground, and for bigger, more established artists who have reached stardom.

There’s a long list of artists who’ve dropped, multiple times, this past year. I'm not going to recap the entire list, but I think the next stop for the DC area music scene, and the artistic scene overall is unity. I know this isn’t a new concept. We’ve all sat on our friends couch and had the discussion about the lack of unity in the area, hell, I’ve had the discussion with my mother, but I think it’s the most important thing especially at this crucial point.

This area is oozing with talent and ready to blow, you can see it at every turn, and in every facet of pop culture.

I used to think that every area had these “unity” issues that our area suffers from. I used to think because I’ve never lived anywhere else, and neither have most of my friends, that we were just closed minded and of course thought our area was the worst. I’ve still never lived anywhere else so I still might not have the answers, but I have started to see that the area does lack support.

We are 5 months into 2016, which is turning out to be a crucial year for the area. How crucial this time really is for us was put on display when Noisey published an article about the rising music scene in the Greater DC area. Of course people loved it, but others hated it. People bashed where the artists actually were or were not from. People complained about who was left off the list. Understand, the article can't talk about everyone, and the argument between DC rappers and Maryland rappers is played out at this point. If you can't understand in 2016, that supporting an actual good musician, whether they be from the city or burbs, is better for the area as a whole and will help others make it out, then there's really no hope for you or us overall.

The time is now. There's so much talent pushing through the underground to make it to the surface here, it would be a shame for us to let it go waste over petty disputes. People need to understand that once one or two people make it, it actually blows the door wide open for the rest, not shut it. Opportunities for all of us will show up.

However, as I've stated before, this doesn’t happen without support starting at home. Why isn’t there support here? I honestly can’t answer that question, but people need to understand that there's enough money and exposure out here for everyone.

We should really take notes on how ATL has joined together to get ahead, or how LA did in the 90’s, or how NYC has always done, because it would be a shame to watch all the talent never reach full its potential.

Everyone is tired of the hating honestly. Besides we are better as one anyway.