Dom Kennedy - By Dom Kennedy (Review)

The much anticipated wait for the summer time ritual of a new Dom Kennedy project ended June 2nd when By Dom Kennedy was released to the public. I’m a Dom Kennedy fan so I was looking forward to the release with high hopes that weren’t completely lived up to, but we’ll get into that later. This is just a slight overview of my opinions and thoughts on the projects as a whole.

The album was pretty light on features, which is something pretty common of Dom projects overall. He usually has his west coast homies on most features with one or two big name artist features to round out his tapes, so nothing extremely out of the ordinary here feature-wise. Production-wise the tape was sub-par compared to other releases. The production was very “blah” like, very bland. The sound didn’t bring you into the music, making you want to listen and pay attention.

This brings us to the songs on the tape, which like the production was very “ehhhh” like. I walked away from most songs thinking, “that was just ok.” There were 2-3 songs I really liked, but as a whole most of it was pretty skippable in my eyes. One thing I noticed immediately about the album was how short everything was. When I looked at the track list I noticed it was only 11 songs, and when I downloaded the album I took notice to how short individuals songs were. This made the album feel like one long interlude in my opinion. It felt so incomplete as I listened through the entire CD. I felt like I was searching for something in the music that just wasn’t there.

I waited a few days to write this review to give the music time to sink in and possible grow on me more, and well, that didn’t really happen. I find myself skimming over most of this album or going straight to other Dom K releases. I’d describe By Dom Kennedy as the type of music you leave on in the background when the TV is playing and you aren’t fully paying attention to what songs are coming through the speakers. The beats are ok, and it’s not hurting anyone because no one is fully engaged to the music. But you’d never run to your phone or laptop to particularly play these songs.

Overall I was surprised by the Twitter poll I took via the blog’s Twitter. A lot of people like it but some agreed with my thoughts on the album. So that proves that even if I say it’s not his best work it’s still worth a listen because you might like it. It was a cool, “alright”, “ok” project nothing spectacular in my eyes but listen with your own ears and tell us your opinion.