Dope - Loaded Up ft. Nerv, Big Dawg, & Keebaby

Last summer I heard this song during a massive session in Keebaby's basement, I was like "aye this shit cranks who is this?" Dope, Big Dawg, Nerv, and Keebaby - I laugh as I type these names because I've known these niggas since 9th grade and call them by there real names - all said "this us" I was so perplexed because I'm sitting here like since when can these niggas rap? I told Keebaby to send me the track and he sent it to my email but it never got posted because they wanted it on their soundcloud but never made one last week in yet another session with other friends this song comes on and I'm thinking to myself "this sounds mad familiar" and of course it was that random song that was playing in Keebaby's basement last year and I my friends to tell these niggas to get this song on the internet....and here we are...listen above and let me know what you think in the comments.