Eternal DC Fights Impermanence With A Brand New Summer Collection

Founded in 2013, Eternal DC has since stuck to its roots in artistic creation and truly represent everlasting art within their clothing. In a world addicted to ephemera, where streetwear designing seems more accessible than ever, Chuks, Jamaal, and Julian have taken no shortcuts with this fabulous line of summer threads. Guaranteed to stand the test of time.


The GEMINI pieces feature black and white tees with distressed textures, giving them a unique and distinctive character. Designed by co-founder Jachuku, known by most as "Chuks", each shirt has a minimalist design with a small logo on the front and a larger color wave on the back.

Modeled by Jason of Parallel Diamonds (IG: @jei.yoru) and shot by Shaughn Cooper (@shaughncooper).

Aptly named for Eternal’s upcoming Candy Shop show on June 25, the Cotton Candy tees feature the brand’s signature logo, reloaded with  fresh new pastel colors, pink and seafoam.

Modeled by Sally (@sallsyx) and shot by Matthew (@visualsbymatthew). 

The collection’s Transience line showcases a new take on the Eternal text logo. On the back, co-founder Jamaal’s design and mantra for the entire collection, “Fight Impermanence”, coincide perfectly with the mantra Eternal was founded upon: “though our bodies may decay, through our creations we live forever.”

Modeled by Jamaal (@xxlimelight) and Azarri (@azarri.white) and shot by Rah (@rahbygod).

Eternal will be featured at the “Free the Yout” Showcase June 9 at the Mousai House, as well as the aforementioned “Candy Shop” on June 25. They will also be releasing a collaboration capsule with Sir E.U, as well as their third mixtape in as many seasons — “#PrayForAutumn”, spotlighting various DMV singers.

The Summer collection is available for purchase online:

Written by Aamir (@whoismirr) with revisions by Kosi (@notkosi)