Fame Reek & Deeno Dinero – MMMM Freestyle

Fame Reek drops an interesting track featuring Deeno Dinero titled “MMMM Freestyle”. Fame Reek is currently beefing with his former manager, whom goes by the alias 2HypeMike. The beef sparked once the two had a falling out and it became question of who owns “No Stallin”, a group, a brand, and a label. Both dropped a diss targeting the other a few months back, here we see Fame is still not letting up. 

The instrumental, a trending instrumental from twitter freestyles, is not what Fame Reek usually raps over; however, the song is still dope. Deeno Dinero starts the track off with an aggressive verse, but Fame Reek takes the track over with his flow and diss lines making his verse the most memorable. Fame Reek came with heat on this track; it makes me wonder if it was a good idea for 2HypeMike to get into a battle of bars with him.

The way I see it is since they both are up and coming, this beef is not helping anyone. Fame Reek is talented and 2HypeMike managed him very well. The best thing for both to do is to leave this beef behind them and focus on their own careers.