F**k You Mean: $40 for the Function????????

F**k You Mean is a weekly rant by blog editor Kosi. Yeah. That's pretty much it.

No one cares to admit how they came to know the term "sausage fest". Shit, half of you couldn't remember if you were actually trying. That's cool, though. I'm here to get the blood flowing...er...to your brain...you know, to jog your memory.

Obscure penis puns aside, it's pretty self-explanatory, the "sausage fest". Imagine a festival. Any festival, really. I personally like to envision Afropunk (who doesn't melt at the prospect of carefree black girls in matte lipstick walking around scantily clad with ankhs and what-have-you?)

Now, mentally replace every object/person in your mental landscape with a sausage and you begin to grasp the sheer horror of the phenomenon. Everywhere you go...sausage. Sausages behind you. In front of you. All of the world is but a series of sausages. The horror! The PURE, UNADULTERATED HORROR!

Ahem. Long story short, nobody likes a room full of peni-...men.

Or so we've been conditioned. In fact, we've become so fearful of male-gatherings to the point at which hosts price their events specifically to attract women (or those who appear to fit masculine preferences of women, seeing as most if not all doorman at parties are, well, men).

And, for the majority of my party-going existence, I've been cool with it. I mean, the least we can do as reparations for a crippling, centuries-old patriarchal society is give the misses a discount. Or so I thought until I began learning about a specific type of prejudice known all too well by members of the LGBTQ community as "cissexism". 

Cissexism is briefly defined on Wikipedia as "the appeal to norms that enforce the gender binary and gender essentialism, resulting in the oppression of gender variant, non-binary, and trans identities".

This prejudice is inherent in so many of our mundane life activities, we don't even notice to what extent we alienate individuals who exist outside of traditional conceptions of gender. But, beyond the obvious discrimination it places on my rainbow-rocking homies, the proverbial "whole kill" is gender-based pricing for parties reinforces the flawed assumption that men's primary purpose at an event is for women. 

Think about it. I've a few friends who host parties up in College Park who "milk the thirst"; letting women in free or dirt-cheaply, then charging men 3-4 times the price as they lust after the mass of women at the party. When I ask them their motives, "bruh, no one likes a sausage fest." 

And, sadly, they're right. Nobody likes a "sausage fest". But what IS a sausage fest without the assumption of heterosexuality? Does this highly lucrative effort not perpetuate the male gaze and, potentially, increase the prevalence of unwanted sexual advances? If you paid $50 to get in to the function and ol' girl is not trying to twerk on your dusty ass, the chances for more aggressive behavior rises. 

I don't say this to place blame on party promoters or women for the ludicrous behavior I've witnessed by men at parties. I am, however, suggesting a means of creating a more pleasurable experience for all attendants.

Think of the woman who doesn't "look like a girl" (whatever the fuck that means), afraid of that awkward encounter with the bouncer where she has to prove a perverted ideal of femininity. Imagine a world where people go to parties to dance, hear dope music, and meet interesting people without fear of being "man/woman enough". 

And, if not any of the reasons above, think of your boy Kos. Fuck you mean $40 for your hot ass basement move with your weak ass DJ? Can't we all just throw $5?