GoldLink - Sober Thoughts (Chris McClenney Remix)

Just in time for GoldLink's first headlining tour, spring, and summer cookouts, Chris McClenney drops a funky uptempo remix of GoldLink's popular song "Sober Thoughts". Fellow Maryland producer, Chris McClenney, speeds up the original beat and gives the song a jazzy like groovy feeling that's sure to make people want to dance. In my mind the song draws similarities to Kendrick Lamar's "King Kunta" and album version of "i", in the sense that it has a certain pace and old school upbeat feeling to it that's going to demand that you move to it.

The 21 year-old, Chris McClenney, showcases his soulful production skills beyond his years on this particular remix.  GoldLink posted the track to his Soundcloud, so he must be feeling the record as well. If you didn't get your fix and need to hear more of Chris McClenney's sound you can listen here to his personal Soundcloud. As stated earlier, GoldLink is headlining his first tour this summer, where I hope he plays this version of "Sober Thoughts", I think it will sound great live in concert. He also stated that he has something special planned for the DMV, as there are no DC area tour dates as of now, so stay tuned for that. I the mean time I hope you enjoy Chris McClenney's "Sober Thoughts" as much as I did.