Hallway Music

Walking through my dimly lit, very depressing, college Mass Communication building I had an ingenious thought (or at least it was to me). What if colleges allowed music to be played in the halls of their academic buildings? Personal I think this would do wonders for any school, or any school that doesn’t already have this feature.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “You want my school to play some boring elevator music in the hallways? Nah I’ll pass.” That’s the exact opposite of what I’m staying. Imagine when your walk into a building and hear “March Madness” playing, for that brief 10-15 seconds you’ll actually be happy while on your way to class. Music has a way of uplifting people and putting them in better mood.

Colleges are always talking about boosting morale and school spirit, well let me tell you, I live off campus and if I don’t need to be on campus I’m not. If I can help it you’ll never see me just chilling on campus somewhere like years prior. And when I'm on that long shuttle ride to campus I can’t help but to think about when I'm going to be on that shuttle ride back home.

But what if you walked on to a campus playing your favorite tunes? I'm not saying it’ll make me jump up run to campus quicker, but it’ll definitely make it the more bearable. I’d predict people would be more alive and a little less groggy. I mean who’d really be that mad while Hotline Bling or Beyonće (for the ladies) is on. Talk about school spirit booster, while your rushing to put your headphones in between classes my school is playing hits.

I know you geeks out there are saying, “How can I concentrate while this loud music is being played?” Well, modern day architecture is pretty sound proof, so if you close the doors I'm positive it’ll keep the fun out nerds. And I’m not saying blast “Pipe It Up” in the halls; play the songs at a decent level, enough to hear the music and hear yourself think. Then there’s the ever so looming problem of what songs to play and what’s appropriate. Complaints are going to come from ever direction, “they play too much, not enough that” and before you know it your fun hip school will stop the music. And I know no 20 year-old wants to hear the edited version of anything. My solution is to simply play the instrumentals. No matter the song a good beat will bring everyone to his or her feet, and you’ll probably know the words anyway to sing along with. If you don’t at least you have a good beat to walk too.

This probably will not make your school the friendliest place on earth, or make that girl that has the 3:30 across the hall talk to you. But I think it worth a shot. Its 2015, there is music everywhere we go, why not school? I know most people will still have headphones in when they enter the building and will not notice. But for that spilt second when they are coming out of class untangling their headphones trying to put them in and notice music playing, they might stop and listen. They might save battery life and put their phone away, taking in the sounds of their school. And who knows it may make the 4 or so hours they spend on campus much more pleasant, in turn making school better for all.