Ok, What is Really Going on With Transpeople and Rappers?

Let us keep it a cold hard stack with this one...

 Tyga has fallen victim, as many other rappers have, to accusations that he has had sexual encounters with a transgender woman. From the legend LL Cool J to the forgotten Chingy, this accusation has attached itself to many. It does not end there, the same accusation even haunts the great Eddie Murphy . It is one the most ignored and questionable sides of Hip Hop. I believe it is time we address this issue and figure out why it is even an issue.

Tyga was recently accused of participating in sexual acts with a transgender woman; though leaked pictures surfaced, it has become clear that it was a false accusation. While his story has cleared up, many other rappers seem to still be dealing with theirs. It makes me wonder if there was some sort of trend going on in the rap community or in the transgender community.

Personally, I have nothing against any transgender; whether I agree with their decisions or not is not important because it is their decision. However, homosexuality has, more or less, always been an unspoken taboo in the Hip Hop community. Furthermore, every accused rapper has denied all accusations even if the evidence presented claimed otherwise; consequently, their legitimacy was also questioned. Now if these rappers were more upfront about their preferences maybe their careers wouldn’t have been put on the line. Of course, them being upfront about their behaviors would lead to fewer fans but if more artists were upfront, overtime people would learn to accept it.

Being accused of having sex with a transgender woman has proved it is more harmful than being accused of simply being a gay rapper. I say this because of Chingy. Chingy’s career completely shut down after the false accusation, while Lil Wayne, Young Thug, and Birdman have all been accused of homosexuality but still found a way to rise to stardom. It did cause a bit of trouble in their careers but nothing detrimental. This leads me to my conclusion; I believe the reason for this issue a result of how judgmental the Hip Hop community is.

Rappers are partly at fault for this judgmental attitude. They cannot have it both ways, if one wants to associate with a transgender woman; he cannot have homophobic lyrics or deny his actions. This causes confusion, and makes fans see their actions as wrong. Homophobia has roots in Hip Hop, if it didn’t then nobody would care if rappers were gay or not. Additionally, if we cared about the music more than an artist’s image, it would not matter whom an artist decides to spend his time with. Lately, one’s success has partly been a result of one’s image. In today’s day and age if you look cool, act cool, and dress cool, you are more than likely going to get fans.

To name a few Nicki Minaj, Young Thug, Asap Rocky, and Dej Loaf are all artist that have fans because of their image. Whether it be their fashion choices, personality, or ideologies nobody can deny that their image played a huge part in their success. No shots at their music but they do not create the best songs so they must fall back on their image to keep them afloat. Many artists are even beginning to use their relationships to promote their music as well as themselves. A prime example would be Nicki Minaj, she has been actively reminding every one of her relationship with Meek Mill because people glorify their relationship.

We need to take a step back from artist’s personal lives and focus on the music. Once we do that, maybe being a rapper that engages with transgender women won’t be seen as such a bad thing.