Hip-Hop Grassroots

While procrastinating in the computer lab in my school’s library, 20NVR artist, Kassim, and I chopped it over the plans for the next move in his career. After booking a flight to California for $34, he told me his plans to go out to LA and do a grassroots promotion for his brand. “I got a couple of shows lined up, but mainly I’m trying to link with other artist and do as many popup shows as possible”, the Riverdale native said.

It took me by surprise how far he was traveling on the drop of a hat to push his brand -- but then again, the beauty of music is the hustle behind it. Grassroots is the most basic (and possibly strongest) concept of promotion: cutting out the middleman and providing the music directly to the people. It has been a long time since I have heard an artist with such direction mixed with uncertainty.

Kassim is in the mist of recording a new album and EP set to be released soon. Through all these upcoming moves, he just launched his new website and will be coming out with his new single “Peter Sparker” on October 28th.

“It all part of branding my movement, my music...” he described to me. The website includes all his upcoming tour performance dates, links to his music, and soon a wide range of merchandise (lighters, hats, shirts, etc.) that match his brand so supporters can be a part of the movement.

I hope it all works out for Kassim. It’s very pleasing to watch a local artist bet on themselves and try to get big dreams off the ground.