Hip Hop is....

Hip Hop is an ever-changing replica of the current emotional demand of the black community. Though an oppressed and rebellious art historically, hip hop consistently flips the dirty secrets of society on its ear, resulting in a beautiful and euphorically therapeutic craft. Rappers, MC’s, and producers alike all contribute collaboratively into the ocean in which listeners swim through the waves of lyrics and sound, developing a deeper meaning of personal and societal construct.


Did I mention the ethnocentrism driven subconscious which accompanies each artists' persona, alluding to his or her predecessor's influence before them? We constantly see walking speaking remnants of the great advancers of hip hop in today's blend of modern music. A Tupac Shakur here, a Rakim there, Wu-Tang Clan descendants, Scarface derivatives, and Little Brother little brothers all dwell in the congregation of rap; All the while keeping in mind that these names only represent just some of the few legends and martyrs who’s artisic imprints haunt the ideas of up and coming rappers from every corner of the globe.  Now names like A$VP Rocky, Travi$ Scott, Joey Bada$$, and Kendrick Lamar lament in these teachings left behind, hoping to claim the thrones rightfully for their own. I have discovered that these impermeable bonds with the origins of this high scrutinized art form will forever guide the industry from above enabling appreciation from several generations of admirers.


What do all these words mean? We love hip hop. We love what it has done. And just like a parent experiments and learns through trial and error with their children as they grow and mature, so do we with the rap industry. Where it is now to in the grand scheme of things, who’s to say? To philosophy and prophecize where it will go would be even more unavailing. All we can say is we understand what and why it has happened as well as why what did happen was so goddamned necessary. And for now in my opinion that is enough.