Holograms, The Future Concert Performers?

Just when we thought technology could not make humans anymore obsolete, holograms come along.  This past weekend Mary J Blige’s concert performance under the Statue of Liberty broadcasted her as a 40-foot hologram.

As cool as that sounds, I am sure her performing herself and showing true human emotion would have been much better. The industry has used holograms quite frequently in the past few years. Tupac, Michael Jackson, Old Dirty Bastard, and more have all been brought back as holograms. This was great because we were able to see deceased legends perform again.

Mary J. Blige is alive and still healthy, so why the hologram? Yes, its cool to see what technology can do; however, I fear artists instead of performing themselves, will be holograms.  People want to go to concerts so see a living and breathing human give it their all when performing and be able to feel the emotion, pride, and, to the stans out there, sweat. Holograms cannot portray any of that because they are not real.

While comparing her to the Statue of Liberty’s size may have been the reason behind the hologram, I still feel uneasy about it. I am sure it was amazing to see, but personally seeing artists perform their heart out will always beat a hologram to me, no matter how big or phenomenal it is.