Hopsin Mocks Some of Your Favorite Rappers in “No Words” Video

“Dat shit was hard doe bruh!”


Hopsin drops another video in support of his latest project “Pound Syndrome”. His most recent video release was for the Dizzy Wright featured track “Fort Collins”. Now he is back with “No Words” and we see him doing what many know him for, dissing rappers in the most hilarious fashion possible.

The video is a brief 1:38-minute skit that finds Hopsin, aka Hash Brown, mocking rappers that slur their words and flex in videos with Lambo’s, weed, double cups (in this case its like a seven cup), guns, and more. An entertaining and accurate video that leaves you wondering why the rappers he mocks have gotten so much attention in the game. 

Hopsin makes some good points here to say the least, check out the video above and let us know what you think.