How Norm Kelly Really Won The Drake/Meek Mill Beef

Drake's diss records were cool, but lets be honest, the real MVP of the Meek/Drake feud was Canadian politician, Norm Kelly.

Nobody's "twitter fingers" were more at play, and entertaining, than Norm Kelly's. I mean who would have thought that a 55+ year old white politician would be so in touch with 2015 pop culture. Norm was able to tweet a series of funny shots at Meek Mill, all while repping Toronto to the fullest.

Now I know Norm could possibly have a "ghost-tweeter" composing, or assisting him in creating these tweets. I'm not naive, I know what interns are. Still it's very entertaining to watch figures who you wouldn't think to engage in these types of conflicts, be so active and on top of these events. It shows the power of social media, and how reaching the youth is truly at the forefront now.  

As for Meek, there's no debate he took the L from Norm in this beef.

Here are just a few of my favorite Norm tweets. Go to his page and scroll through for more, they aren't that far back or hard to find.