I Just Wanna Be Me!

I feel as though I would be doing myself and other artists an injustice if I were not to use my voice as a writer to address the many issues we face in the art community. 

Feedback is an obsession of any artist wishing to grow in their craft. Reviewing this feedback, many artists know all too well, can sometimes be the least pleasing part of the artistic growth process. 

Have you ever read a comment from someone and wondered whether abortion should be mandatory in certain cases? Yeah, that happened to me as I read that my music sounded like "a blatantly forced Kendrick over A$AP production". Everyone is entitled to their own opinion...but there's much that needs to be said in regards to artist comparisons.

I have accepted people are going to make comparisons no matter how great and unique an artist may sound. I've heard comparisons ranging from FKA Twigs and Banks to OG Maco and Mystikal, all undeveloped and impulsive assumptions people have let surface without regard to the artists' sensibilities.

As artists and spectators, we must  learn how to deal with similarities among artists constructively. So what if someone says you sound like Young Thug? In order to come to terms with the recurring Kendrick comparisons, I had to ask myself "do I go into the writing/recording process with the intent of not sounding like Kendrick?"

I wouldn't limit my process of creating by ensuring I have no commonalities between other artists, as the music would then become unnatural. We are all influenced by someone else, and no matter how similar we may be, there's always a difference.

As listeners and those who provide artists with feedback, we must understand simply saying "sounds like Sza" holds no real value and is nothing more than a waste of data. In order for someone to evaluate what it is they can work on differentiating, one should provide specific instances in which they demonstrate those similarities and how they may work as an advantage or disadvantage to the artist.