Is That Really Your Friend? (A Message For Musicians)

If that was really your friend, they wouldn’t like all of your work.

With a growing number of people being able to easily navigate the internet and share their ideas with the world, it is expected that people would be sharing more art too. It is great that at the click of a button you can find photography, music, paintings, and graphic designs that fit your mood, right then and there. Many, of what I like to call “creatives”, see this opportunity as a way to capitalize on their talents and make a career out of their art form. However, this pursuit of a career doesn’t come easy. Like any other career this takes a lot of hard work, good luck, time, and a little help from your friends.

Which brings me to my point: if that was really your friend, they wouldn’t like all of your work.

Your music can’t be that good. Not to pick on musicians but this is just what I see.

You’re in the studio with three of your friends smoking weed and drinking a fifth of rum. It’s lit. The beat starts playing and you’re just trying to catch your tempo when your friend says “I fuck with this”. A second agrees, “Yeah, this shit hard.” You run through a chorus that you’ve just made up when the third screams out, “Ayyyyyy this shit crank.” You lay down a couple verses and the whole room is bobbing their head "WOOOOOH! This that fire!" Before you know it, you’ve done 5 songs and the only thing these three friends have said is how good your music is, every time. You don’t have to change any words on the chorus, no need to raise or lower the bass. It’s perfect. Every. Single. Time.

Underwood gif.gif


You and I both know this isn't true but, it is too late. Your music is now on Twitter and they’ve all retweeted it, quoted with some flame emojis, and even tweeted it themselves “Check out this new heat.” In your head, you’ve got a masterpiece, you’ve received nothing but good reviews. What is the truth? 

The truth is your music probably needs some work, along with your friend group.

Granted, I haven't heard any of your music and I'm not apart of your process, but, even the greats would tell you that they don't get it right the first time. So, I'll just assume you need some help. Music is an acquired taste, I love Devin The Dude and I think "Lacville '79" is a timeless classic but, a lot of my friends think it's shitty and that's okay because that's how it should be. If we all liked the same things, what would we argue on Twitter about? 

So let your friends know that if they loved you and really wanted to see your career progress, they'd tell you the truth and not what you want to hear.

Maybe this isn't your calling. 

Maybe it is but you're gonna need to put in a lot of hard work, have some good luck, dedicate a lot of time, and get a little help from your real friends.