Summer Madness: A Playlist

What's up guys, my Summer in the city is coming to an end and on my last day here I want to just get healthy, listen to music and reflect. They may be sinister to me, but they are indeed good jams that I think anyone can appreciate..if not all, something. I'll keep it short, enjoy.


1. Kaytranada's Boiler Room set in Montreal

This is set is definitive of just about every morning. I remember one Sunday morning a week after my birthday my sister and her girl took me out for brunch. The place is directly off the L train, Bedford Ave. station if you get off passed the security box thing (if you ever want to go in NYC). I forgot the name of the place, but their bottomless mimosas and breakfast for $40 is the reason I forgot. I need to figure out the name, but this set has everything to groove and chill to...let it play while you're cleaning/chilling at home or if you watch it, the crowd is actually hilarious. 

2. Dump Dump by A$AP Ferg

Now this one is to the very beginning of my Summer at my first rooftop party. I won't get into details, but needless to say this song came on at the perfect time and not a lot of people know about this song. If you do, cool..if you don't, you're welcome.

3. Cuffin Season (Remix) by Fabolous ft. 50 Cent

I heard this song all Summer, my older sister put me on and and it just grew on me. Besides, tis' the season for this one. Make this one your voicemail and/or ring-back tone. Time to round your star roster and choose up ladies and gentlemen.

4. Mirror by Little Dragon

I didn't update my iPod at all this Summer so all I had was this, and a couple of other albums. Regardless of how much I liked any other album Nabuma Rubberband was always on repeat. This album was the soundtrack to a lot of long train rides home at sunrise, running on the train being late to work, playing in the car, background music when you're with friends, chilling on a fire escape watching the iTunes visualizer with something to drink, you name it. Check it out if you haven't gotten the chance.

5. Holy Holy by Vic Mensa ft. BJ The Chicago Kid & Ab-Soul

Actually, this album is interchangeable with the one mentioned above. This song in particular because looking at the homeless give speeches, and seeing people perform for money with this song blasting looks like a music video (seriously). Also, when I was riding a bike through BK with this song on, it just made me appreciate this entire Summer and everything I learned. A very introspective jam if you want it to be.

6. You're Not Good Enough by Blood Orange

For starters, this man is a genius, the originator of Solange's sound, and her temporal mentor. His  like a 2014 soundtrack to Welcome To The Dollhouse, but that's what's good about it. I chose this song because it's his most recent and it sounds like the Summer. I also worked for UO and they did this video so this can be an ode and good fucking riddance to them.

7. An Iceburg Hurled Northward Through Clouds by Gold Panda

I would like to close it out to a personal gem discovered over the Summer. It's old, you might have heard it, but if you haven't I highly recommend finding some sick speakers or some quality headphones before you press play. Simply put, if I were a song this would be me.