Trap Music Sucks!

The comments made in this post are not the same feelings of the entire TYFNS Staff, rather they are Yanni's own personal views.

A few months ago Derrick wrote this post questioning trap rap being the future of hip hop. I've been struggling over the last year with the trap music epidemic and while I am an huge fan of trap rappers such as Gucci Mane, Chief Keef, and many others, I do feel as thought there is an imbalance in the industry with the over saturation of trap music. As Derrick stated the lyrical artists such as Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Jay-Z don't put out projects as frequently as trap rappers like Gucci Mane, who notoriously puts out a large quantity of  projects. Like in the summer of 2013 Gucci released his mixtape trilogy World War III: Molly, Gas, Lean all in the same day and released his album Traphouse 3.

I'm not going to say that it is easy to rap or to throw words together on a good beat, but I am going to say that more and more people are making it off of trap rapping that are not even lyrical or artists. I am currently reading Jay-Z's book, Decoded and in the book he explains the art of hip hop; it takes a true artist to be able to flow to a beat and put word together to mean things beyond its initial depth. In his book he also talks about how hip hop was just dudes talking about life in the streets, selling drugs, trying to get by, and hustling the best way they could. So trap rap in a sense goes back to the 80's and 90's when that was essentially the inspiration for hip hop.

Today's hip hop has so many subgenres that cater to so many different kinds of people. Whether you're black, white or Asian; whether you're from the hood, the suburbs, the country, or anywhere; there is some hip hop artist that you can relate to. 

To get to my problem with trap music...  

Too many people are trying to make it off of trap music, just for the simple fact that it's soooo easy to mimic other rappers and rap about the guns you don't have, the people you didn't shoot, the killers that you don't hang around. Trap music is filled with autotune and loud ad-libs. Music videos are no longer about the art of creating visuals for your songs it's now about getting all your friends together, riding in somebody else's old ass "luxury" vehicle, and so many other tasteless things. Since trap music became so popular I rarely ever hear about youngins  trying to make it in the music business on some real lyrical shit. It's all trap music. I remember a few years back, before I decided to start TYFNS, I would always be on Hypetrak, Illroots and a lot of other music blogs getting great new music from new artists, now all I see on Hypetrak is trap music from big or popular artists. Even Wiz Khalifa has stepped over into trap music, but the whole Wiz Khalifa switch up is another story for another day. 

Needless to say its time we start getting back to presenting lyrical content and recognizing real artists that speak real shit instead of ignorance.  Real musical artists stand up!