Kendrick Lamar's "TPAB" Music Videos Are The Best of 2015.

Back in march Kendrick Lamar released one of the most conscious Hip Hop albums in the past decade. To Pimp a Butterfly is an album composed of relevant topics that deal with the black community as well as a call to action for America. The album couldn't have come at a more relevant time, with cases similar to those of Sandra Bland, Eric Garner Sam Dubose, and many others arising, this album speaks to those affected as well as those watching.

However, his work did not stop at just the album. Kendrick Lamar has released Music Video's for "King Kunta","i", "For Free (Interlude)", and "Alright". My favorite video and the one that I find the most chilling is "Alright", the video displays one black teen lying dead, another running from Klansman, and officers slamming and later shooting one more. All of the video's are beautifully orchestrated and bring Kendrick's lyrics, that make sensitive America cringe, to life.  Check out all four video's below.