Last Niight's "Evening" Is An Oasis Of Chill In One HOT ASS August

Gotta admit it to the homies, I'm getting old. It's hard to keep up with the cool kids these days. keep up with the kids these days. There's always new shirts. New code names. New collectives.

But tastemakers like Last Niight, a collective of music enthusiasts who haunt DC and Maryland, demand my attention quite effortlessly. The group is garnering quite a bit of notoriety ever since one of their champions, Koleco aka DJ Knoimnot, put himself on tour this summer. After killing it with two sets at Urban Outfitters in Gallery Place yesterday, an event they also helped curate along with A Creative DC, Last Niight's very own NKOGIANI and Frankliin decided to bless us with some chill vibes to help cool one hot ass month.

Enjoy this jazzy joint and tell us what you think in the comments.