Let Hip Hop Breathe!

The brutality of the police toward the black men is finally receiving nation wide attention. Consequently, Hip Hop has been brought into the discussion. The reason is Hip Hop’s close relation with black culture. Many within the culture even consider it apart of their culture. 

Hip Hop has tackled many violent themes throughout the years ranging from gang banging to serial killing. However, a huge part of Hip Hop has always been to raise awareness of the black mans situation, as well as other minorities. Sadly, many people only focus on Hip Hop’s bad side and use the genre as a scapegoat. Fox news, a minorities arch nemesis, has been targeting Hip Hop for a great amount of time.

Those that work for Fox News often blame the genre for all the problems in the black community and recently for the decline of Christians in America. Either way you look at it, they are insulting the intelligence of the black community. A genre cannot create life-altering problems throughout an entire community, people are not that easily controlled.

A huge problem in the black community is poverty, to say music created this poverty is completely avoiding the real issue and reveals a racist undertone. Music is a form of expression, a lot of what artist say should not be taken seriously. We all know Eminem didn’t go around raping women, but did that stop him from rapping about it? 

People make their own choices in life, if people are so weak to allow a genre to dictate their actions we must first address why they are weak. Hip Hop isn’t perfect nor am I trying to convince anyone that it is, but the artists involved deserve to be treated fairly and given the freedom to rap about what they want.

Hip Hop is not filled with the best role models, nor should it have to be. However, the genre is now touching a bigger base than it once was, so holding back with the aggressive themes is not the worst idea. The rapper is the new “rock star”; being watched and envied 24/7. 

Young Thug said “"War, rage, chaos: it's the only thing needed in Baltimore right now”, he said this during the riots that were caused by the death of Freddie Grey. Those participating in the riots were mainly teenagers; teenagers that probably listen to Young Thug and want to be like him. His words only give his listeners more reason to riot and cause havoc. 

Hip Hop artists must take the weight their words carry with them into consideration. Now I’m not saying rap about hugs and high fives all time, for that would be unbearable, but taking a break from talking about putting that crack- or brack- in your crack would probably help the teenagers listening to your music stay away from illegal activities.

Organizations like Fox News take the negative part of Hip Hop and use it as the genres face. There is always going to be rappers talking about guns and drugs, but that isn’t the issue. The issue is people taking these rappers words literally and acting out what they hear, even though some of the rappers are not necessarily doing what their songs say they are.

Many rappers today rap to merely entertain and get a check, not many rappers today give off a vibe that says they love Hip Hop. But whether they are rapping for the love or money doesn’t matter, the power will still come. I am sure everyone that loves Hip Hop, or that is actually apart of the genre, is tired of hearing it being bashed and disrespected.

 As a Hip Hop lover myself, I believe we must stand up to the criticism and support the rappers that do as well. The more the rappers ignore organizations hoping to end Hip Hop, the more they attack. Rappers and fans must both understand their role; a rapper is only as hot as the fans allow him or her to be.

In order to stop giving these organizations room to attack both parties must take responsibility of their own actions. Hip Hop isn’t going to fade away anytime soon no matter how much some people want it to, so in the mean time let Hip Hop breathe!