Listen Up: MeezyMaynes

Oh the joyous discoveries you find via Soundcloud. MeezyMaynes is definitely one of them.

Skimming through his Soundcloud I got the "causal college lifestyle" feel from his music. A lot of fun beats, coupled with "staying out all night" and "empty beer cans" lyrics. Which is something that's easily relatable to our college audience.

I like his style, and while I think there's room for improvement, what impressed me the most was the diversity of his delivery and flow. I think that's a very important skill to have in Hip-Hop. However, I'd like to see him tackle different style of beats. I kind of got that "this song sounds like the last, it's all blending together", feeling after a while. Changing up the production, seeing how that sounds and where that goes, could really open things up more.

Take a listen to his Soundcloud below. Some of my personal favorites were "Runnin", "Fly", and "White Iverson Freestyle".