Matt McGhee - SHOW

Matt McGhee has shown he is an artistic force to be reckoned with his series of tracks entitled “Show”. Through episodes, a commercial, and even viewer’s choice, this member of the musical collective Gram Fam is making it known that he’s not messing around. Garnering anticipation for his upcoming 1920, each episode offers a different sound to showcase that Matt McGhee is not your average rapper.


Episode 1: chainzzz


A success-driven anthem over smooth production provided by Drew Beats, Matt McGhee lets listeners know he will never be complacent. Reminiscent of a hood classic from the early 2000’s, this song has a feel of a Rich Boy video cameo with low riders zigzagging through the street in slow motion. 

chainzzz was followed by a short commercial break debuting snippets of upcoming episodes during the season. As with any show, the reveal of what’s to come leaves you wanting more. Of course, he didn’t disappoint with the release of episode two.


Episode 2: premium


Another smooth song produced by Panama Red, this song is a song about relationships. Matt McGhee, along with rMell, also of Gram Fam, and Poncho Royyel on the chorus, describes the long drives with your girl in the passenger seat. As a metaphor of the journey he is on toward success, it offers a mellow ride-or-die vibe. What makes this episode special is the secret second song afterward. With another member of Gram Fam, Miles Meraki, lending vocals on the hook, Matt McGhee brings to light the arguing and making up aspect of relationships.

In an inventive way of choosing the next episode, Matt McGhee released three snippets and allowed his listeners to vote for which song they wanted to hear. After tallying up the votes, snippet two won and episode three was released.


Episode 3: dark


Over dark, grim production created by Johnny Jon, Matt McGhee, joined by Kasey Jones and Al Hostile from 3rdiiiUth, created a track that essentially exclaims “I’m the sh*t”. With lyrics about girls, money, drugs, and being the best, the song features all the major themes of hip-hop culture with a gloomy twist that pretty much makes one afraid of stepping to him.

These episodes have showed Matt McGhee’s capacity to transcend rapper stereotypes and be viewed as an actual artist. His creativity, lyricism, and ability to have fun with his music, makes him an exciting artist to listen to. As a regular listener since 2010, his growth and maturity has been intriguing to watch. Follow his SoundCloud and Twitter (@mattmcGhee) for more music and the reveal of episode four.