Jus10, the dreamer.

Meet the DMV native Jus10. An up and coming rapper that is showing us his passion for life as well as his inner struggle to keep hope alive. We see this in his three mixtapes he has brought us so far, Chapter 10, July 10, 1996, and his latest Here Goes Nothing.

Just10's name is a play on his real name "Justin", it also displays his birthdate, which he uses in the title of his second mixtape, the 10th. This is either a result of his own clever cleverness or a wonderful coincidence. Whatever the reason, we see his music acting as thought provoking, chilling music. On his newest mixtape, we see him battling with mistakes from the past that still haunt him, his attempt to find himself and becoming comfortable with what he finds, and the patience as well as hard work he is generating because of his aspiration to succeed. Through these themes we get a 20 year old that many of his peers can relate to, especially in this area as we continue to have a vast amount of passionate creatives appear and search for their own identity.  

Check out more of his music on his Soundcloud and download his mixtapes on Spinrilla