Meet Marianne Khattar: Rising Singer With The Voice You Want

I stumbled across Marianne Khattar during an event and next thing you know I'm on her Soundcloud enthralled by her mellifluous voice.

Marianne Khatter is a 17-year-old girl of Lebanese decent that grew up in Great Falls, Virginia. Writing and singing ever since she was seven, music has been her passion. This passion is evident as soon as you hear her voice. If you're not aware of who she is, with a voice like hers, it's only a matter of time before you are. She has only released five songs to date but, her most recent song (my favorite)  "Only Her" has given her attention. 

In an area where Hip Hop has become the focal point, we have lost some of our appreciation for quality singers. Being a Hip Hop fanatic myself, I, too, am guilty of this. However, when you listen to Marianne's songs, you immediately recognize how powerful her voice is. No auto-tune, no enhancers, just her voice. Her use of imagery in her songs is fascinating. She creates these images for her listeners through her lyrics, while her voice forges the emotion. Whether it be pain or joy, you can hear it in her voice and feel what she is feeling. 

In a time where there are many rising artists and the competition level is increasing, the amount of time artists are willing to work on their craft becomes imperative. Listening to Marianne, you hear her acknowledging this.

When I met her at the event, I asked her what her motivation is. She replied, "I'm motivated by the thought of having people being able to hear me and be moved by my music as well as being able to relate to it".

With a drive like hers, backed by her talent, the matter is no longer if she will make, but when.

Check out Marianne Khattar's music above as well as her links below. 

Soundcloud: Marianne Khattar

Twitter: @mariannekhattar

Instagram: @mariannekhattar